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Q: How far is the bus station / taxi stand from the hostel?

Our hostel is placed 10 minutes walk from the bus stop / taxi stand (its the same place). You don’t have to hire a cab to reach us (they may try to). Just walk up towards polo ground and you will find us.

Q: Are there women only dorms at the hostel?

Yes. Though we have one dorm reserved only for women, we can assign more only women dorms as per requirements. We also double up our small private room to women travellers unwilling to share coed dorms.

Q: Is Hearth hostel a curfew zone after a time in the night?

No. Hearth hostel is open for its residents all throughout the night for star gazing, wandering travellers. Our reception closes at 7 pm, but a part of the main gate is open throughout the night and the whole place is under CCTV surveillance for your safety .

Q: Does Hearth hostel provide personal lockers?

Yes. Each one gets one. We also have a cloakroom to leave behind your luggage at a minimal cost, while you are off on a trek or an overnight trip to the lakes.

Q: Can we buy lock pads and toiletries at Hearth hostel?

Yes we have a small section of our office dedicated to utility and local art products. You can pick up a deck of cards, maps, postcards, organic soaps and traveling tents on reasonable rates.

Q: Can we exhibit and sell our art at Hearth hostel?

Yes artists can exhibit and put their work on sale at our exhibition space. But we don’t approve of our guests being buggered with sales hacks so there is no personal pitching. The work speaks for itself.

Q: Does Hearth hostel provide linen & towels?

Yes we do. Crisp and Clean ones.

Q: Does Hearth hostel have a running kitchen service?

We believe in healthy, yummy, filling meals. Our supplies are procured from local farms and rice, cooking oil from farmers in Himachal. We make sure that everything on your plate is 100% GMO free and not chemically processed or harvested. Rest assured the meals you have with us will fill your tummy and delight your soul.

Q: Does Hearth hostel accept credit card payments?

Yes we do. Yet at times the internet is not working properly to make transections. Anyway payments are not chased after and we believe in the believing policy.

Q: Can we rent bicycles and motor bikes at Hearth hostel?

Yes you can. We also have maps and our travel desk manager will be keen to chart your navigation though your day’s ride to monasteries, villages and riversides.

Q: Are friends staying elsewhere allowed in our hostel?

Yes friends of friends are always welcome to the common area and for events like talks, exhibitions and screenings. Unfortunately for privacy reasons your friends are not allowed to chill in dorms or stay in till late hours. We reserved the right to admission.

Q: Does Hearth hostel accept payment in foreign currency?

Yes we accept major currency like Euro and US Dollar. For other currency exchange our travel desk is equipped to help you exchange currency at your doorstep.

Q. Is breakfast included with stay?

Please refer to our deals page ( ) for great deals during your stay. Also you can writ to us or call us for seeking group deals and special offers.

Q: Are there daily buses to visit monasteries and villages in Leh?

We have a display of bus timings for daily departures to different villages in Ladakh. Please check for the mark that says you need an inner line permit to visit certain far off villages (closer to the border area).

Q: Is The hearth pet friendly?

Yes. We have 2 in-house dogs sharing our space and they love rubs, walks and treats. Your pets are welcome but to assure safety we need to have vet’s certificates. Importantly your pets needs to be trained to accommodate space with our guests and other pets.